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Feminization of poverty/welfare

What is the feminization of poverty/welfare and its affects on single African American women?
This assignment must be at least five (5) pages examining how African American Studies have been empowered historically and contemporaneously utilizing one of the four tenets of ‘critical race theory’ (legal, social, economic or political). ​This essay will require you to write a paper analyzing the theory and practice of ‘crt’ and its impact on education. Connecting course content, outside research, and your own practice as a scholar, you will identify a question that examines one or more tenets as it relates to African American communities. Focus on how one of the tenets are used as a tool to ‘educate’ or ‘eradicate’ potential African American concepts and practices represented or critiqued in your research. Draw heavily on the information presented in the course as well as outside research, for this paper.