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Features that all calls have in common

List and describe some of the features that all cells have in common. Consider how you could use these features to determine whether the pathogen was a cell or a virus. (Remember that viruses are not cells!)
With this information, write a hypothesis that you could use to test whether the pathogen was a cell or a virus. Remember that a hypothesis is a tentative explanation that suggests experimental predictions.
If your experiments revealed the pathogen to be a virus, would this pathogen be considered “alive” by our definition? Explain your answer using the 3 components of cell theory.
Now, assume that your tests reveal that this pathogen is a type of cell.

Identify and describe features that differentiate eukaryotic cells of the domain Eukarya from prokaryotic cells in domains Bacteria and Archaea. What are some organelles that would typically be found in eukaryotic cells?

Develop a hypothesis you could use to determine whether this pathogen is a prokaryote or eukaryote.

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