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Family involvement activity

Select, develop, and plan a family education, a family participation, and a family involvement activity to engage family members in your classroom and/or child care facility. You may want to consider ideas that have not previously been put into action in your own program.

What You Do

1. Create three Activity Plans for family involvement.
You will develop and plan an activity you can do with families individually or as a group for each of the areas below:
1. Family Education- To provide family education through classes, workshops, reading, and/or discussion.
2. Family Volunteering- To increase family participation in your classroom.
3. Family Advocacy/Decisions Making/Collaboration- To help family members become more involved with/ for their children politically, in preventive health care, developmentally or in another way of problem solving and sharing.

Suggested ideas include the following but not limited to:
• Invite families to share a food from their culture
• Invite family members to share about their occupation
• Invite families to a special breakfast of lunch
• Invite families to dinner with a special speaker
• Plan a family meeting
• Plan a family workshop on a relevant topic
• Have a multicultural celebrations involving family members
• Create a recipe book with contributions from family members
• Invite family members to share a talent
• Invite family members to read to the children
• Create back packs with fun activities to send home
• Create family literacy bags (book bags) with book and props and/or puppets
• Implement home visits
• Invite family members to create a poster or book about their family with their children
• Invite families to create a poster of various occasions they celebrate