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Families, Community & Citizenship

For this assignment you will create a folio of resources to support children’s understanding of and participation in the humanities.

This assignment supports unit learning outcomes 1 and 5

You are required to create a folio of nine resources following the template provided and these instructions:

Write a brief introduction that articulates the importance of the inclusion of the Humanities strands  in curriculum in early childhood education (approx. 200 words total for all three strands).

Collect one resource for each of the three Humanities strands for each of the three age groups: birth to 2 years, 3–5 years, 6–8 years (this means a total of nine resources for the folio, which equates to three resources for each age group and for each of the three strands of humanities). For example:

Civics and Citizenship (a strand of Humanities):

A group/room photograph of children with peers (Birth to 2).

A board game with rules  (3–5 year).

An incursion with fake voting booths (6–8 years).

Then, continue with three resources for History and three for Geography for each age group (nine resources in total).

For each resource (using the Assignment 3 template (DOC 46 KB) provided):

briefly describe how you are going to use the three resources to enhance children’s learning about the area of curriculum (approx. 600 words total for the three resources, which equates of approx. 200 words for each resources)

provide EYFL links and a succinct detailed description of each resource, you may include photos as well (curriculum links and resource description are not included in the overall word count).

Note: The resources you choose could be photographs, art or images of learning experiences, etc. that you will use in designing a learning experience for each age group across the three areas. Ensure that you cover the three age groups and the three humanities areas.


Throughout your teaching journey, you will be required to use your relevant National and/or State or Territory Curriculum. To help you build capability in this area, and to help further prepare you for placements, here at Swinburne Online we allow you to choose whether you would like to use the relevant National and/or State or Territory Curriculum in your Assignments. For further information specific to your assignments for this specific unit, please seek advice from your eLAs and/or your Unit Coordinator.