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Faith-Based Consulting Intervention & After-Action Report

Context: In this assignment, you will conduct a faith-based consultation/intervention with a client of your choice. Because you are expected to clearly articulate the faith-based principles related to this intervention it is important that you develop and communicate a clear understanding of what it is you mean by the term ‘faith-based.’ This assignment should progress as follows:

Begin by selecting a specific, named faith-based organization, which may be a church, NGO, non-profit or other organization.
Interview the leadership of the organization to identify specific issues. If none available, conduct secondary research using available and/or online materials.
Define your problem or area where improvement is required.
Identify the approach you will take. This refers to your methodology and any specific tools you use. You are free to use any of the tools encountered in the course or other with which you may be familiar.
Conduct an intervention inclusive of collecting and analyzing data pertaining to the problem you identified.
Present a formal report incorporating your specific recommendations. Be sure to indicate the anticipated benefits of your recommendations to the client. Also, be sure to emphasize the faith-based value of your recommendations in a contemporary global consulting context.

Format: Consulting Report
Report sections must include the following:

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Client Background (Who did you serve and how did they get to where they are?)
Client’s Environment and/or Faith-Based Context (What is their industry/environment?)
Problem Statement (What challenge did you seek to address?)
Methodology (How did you do it?)
Analysis (What did you find? i.e., This should be the bulk of your report)
Recommendations (Based on your findings, what do you recommend?)
1 – 2 sentence consultant profile.
Your Professional Consulting CV (refer to Minor Project 2b). This should be included at the end of your Consulting Report (use the ‘Insert New Page’ function) and NOT as a separate attachment.

Length: 3,500 words (This is an absolute maximum for the main body of your report — i.e., Executive Summary through the Conclusion)
Note: Most interventions are in response to a specific client engagement (and possibly contract). However, given the timing of this course, you may not be able to gain such permission or contract within the time alotted. While permission for any intervention should be sought, you may, in the end, have to fall back on an intervention based on a secondary review of available materials (e.g., online research, documentation made available to you by an obliging leadership that is happy to gain your pro bono consulting assistance, etc). Whether formal intervention or not, approach this as a serious professional consulting opportunity. The Consulting Report should be written as if an intervention was conducted.

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