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Assessment Cover Sheet and Feedback Form 2015/16

Module Code:
LC1S143 Module Title:
Legal Systems and Sources Module Lecturer:
Clare Lewis
Assessment Title and Tasks:
Individual Coursework Assessment No. e.g. 1 of 2
1 of 2
No. of pages submitted in total including this page:
Completed by student Word Countof submission
(if applicable):Completed by student
Date Set:
19.10.15 Submission Date:
07.12.15 Return Date:

Part A: Record of Submission (to be completed by Student)

Extenuating Circumstances
If there are any exceptional circumstances that may have affected your ability to undertake or submit this assignment, make sure you contact the Advice Centre on your campus prior to your submission deadline.
Fit to sit policy:
The University operates a fit to sit policy whereby you, in submitting or presenting yourself for an assessment, are declaring tat you are fit to sit the assessment. You cannot subsequently claim that your performance in this assessment was affected by extenuating factors.
Plagiarism and Unfair Practice Declaration:
By submitting this assessment, you declare that it is your own work and that the sources of information and material you have used (including the internet) have been fully identified and properly acknowledged as required . Additionally, the work presented has not been submitted for any other assessment. You also understand that the Faculty reserves the right to investigate allegations of plagiarism or unfair practice which, if proven, could result in a fail in this assessment and may affect your progress.
Details of Submission:
Note that all work handed in after the submission date and within 5 working days will be capped at 40% . No marks will be awarded if the assessment is submitted after the late submission date unless extenuating circumstances are applied for and accepted (Advice Shop to be consulted).
You are required to acknowledge that you have read the above statements by writing your student number (s) in the box:
Student Number(s):

Part B: Marking and Assessment
(to be completed by ModuleLecturer)
This assignment will be marked out of 100%.

This assignment contributes to 50% of the total module marks.

The word limit is 2400 words.

You must use OSCOLA referencing to present your work.
Assessment Task: Answer the question below:

Anna is in the first year of a degree course in Psychology. She wants to enhance her CV and her flatmate has suggested that she applies to become a local magistrate. Her flatmate has seen an advert for a number of magistrate vacancies in the local newspaper.

Donald has just retired. He is 60 years old and is looking for something to fill his time now that he has retired from running the local newsagents. He has seen the advert for magistrate vacancies running in the local paper for weeks and is considering applying.

Anna and Donald both know that you are a Law student and they have asked you for advice on whether they would be considered for selection as a magistrate.

Advise Anna and Donald.
Learning Outcomes to be assessed(as specified in the validated module descriptor

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding and an ability to critique the operation of the English Legal System; its sources, institutions, personnel and processes

Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and an ability to critique the social and political context in which the legal system of England and Wales operates.

Grading Criteria:

Please refer to the School’s marking criteria available on the module Blackboard site.

Feedback/feed-forward(linked to assessment criteria):
• Areas where you have done well:

• Feedback from this assessment to help you to improve future assessments:
• Other comments

Marker’s Signature:

Work on this module has been marked, double marked/moderated in
line with USW procedures.
Provisional mark only: subject to change and/or confirmation by the Assessment Board

Part C: Reflections on Assessment
(to be completed by student – optional)
Use of previous feedback:

In this assessment, I have taken/took note of the following points in feedback on previous work:
Please indicate which of the following you feel/felt applies/applied to your submitted work
• A reasonable attempt. I could have developed some of the
sections further.
• A good attempt, displaying my understanding and learning, with
analysis in some parts.
• A very good attempt. The work demonstrates my clear
understanding of the learning supported by relevant literature and scholarly work with good analysis and evaluation.
• An excellent attempt, with clear application of literature and
scholarly work, demonstrating significant analysis and evaluation.

What I found most difficult about this assessment:

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