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Factors that led to this medication error, the professional nursing standards

Mrs Betty Riordan is a 74yo woman who has been in the medical ward for 3 days after an exacerbation of her asthma secondary to a chest infection. Her medications include Ibuprofen 400mg QID, Prednisolone 10mg mane, and Roxithromycin 150mg b.d. On the medication round this morning the RN realises that Mrs Riordan has been receiving 70mg of Prednisolone daily rather than 10mg. She informs the Doctor and registers it on the Incident Information Management System (IIMS). Discuss the following in relation to this case using at least 5 current journal articles and your prescribed texts. What are the contributing factors that led to this medication error? What are the legal and ethical breaches in this case? Discuss the professional nursing standards that underpin this case. What nursing considerations are important when administering the medications? BGL monitoring is ordered after review. Why would assessment, documentation and reporting of BGL’s be important in this case? What are other considerations for BGL monitoring required?

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