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Fact finding, Key insight, Creative strategy, Product manifesto

Fact finding, Key insight, Creative strategy, Product manifesto

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*Pick ONE of the following five products:

? Family Video
? Chef Boyardee
? Rand McNally Road Atlas
? Banana Republic
? eBay

*Create a document comprised of four distinct sections:
1. Fact finding (30 points)
2. Key insight (15 points)
3. A creative strategy (35 points)
4. A product manifesto (20 points)

Therefore, you can earn up to 100 points toward your final grade on this assignment. See the syllabus for details.
1.<<Fact finding>> ( 3 double-sapced pages)

This is a persuasive document. You are building a case based on facts, not opinions and guesswork. It should build to your key insight. It should provide support for the direction you take with your creative strategy. Convince the reader that your key insight is brilliant and the creative strategy that follows will be effective. The more thorough you are, the better you’ll do.

Every piece of information you use must be cited within the text. Here’s an example of proper citation if Niagara Falls, Ontario tourism was your product.

Ex) Over 14 million people a year visit Niagara Falls, Ontario ( Hotel lodgings can
range anywhere from $30 a night to $450 a night ( Most visit the city primarily to
see the falls and are surprised by the many other things they can do once they get there, including
gambling at casinos, visiting museums and enjoying world class restaurants (Ulysses Travel Guide
Ontario by Pascale Couture, May 2012).

This will be three, double-spaced (Times New Roman, 12 point) pages. It will be followed by however many pages is necessary to present a comprehensive list of all the sources you used. And if you list a website, just list the main URL. I don’t need to know the specific pages within it.
As you work, you will find a lot of information that will not be relevant to the key fact, the creative strategy and the product manifesto you will be creating. Do not include it in this section.
2.<<Key insight>> (Just 2 sentences on new page)

This is a precise, declarative statement that identifies the single problem you believe advertising needs to address or the one opportunity that advertising can take advantage of. In other words, it explains WHY we are creating ads. It is based on the insights you gather during your fact finding. It should be no more than two sentences long. A single sentence is often best. Make sure it is written from the consumer’s point of view.
3.<<The Creative Strategy>> (2 double-spaced pages)

Your creative strategy will be based on your fact finding and key insight. As you begin to write your strategy, you may find yourself having to do a more fact finding to support your direction. That’s a good thing. Make sure you go back and update your fact finding section with the new information.

The creative strategy must follow the form and adhere to the criteria presented in lecture for developing a strategy that is “creative-friendly.”

(Below is the note that I took during the lecture that you may use as reference when you write the paper)

-A great creative strategy:1, Informs, 2, Inspires
-1, Who is our target market? (A very human Target Market)
: *Demographics
*Benefit segmentation : What benefit is a group of consumers looking for?

* What does a creative need form a creative strategy?–
?End your target market description with a one or two word name they can own.
Ex) TechnoCowards Grandmommies


Tunnel visioners Alpha-orderers

?Target market must be:

-2. Where are we now in the minds of this person?
*A brutally honest

-3. Where is our competition in the minds of this person?
*Again, a brutally honest
Don’t just list them. How is each one perceived by your target market?
Talk to people.
Listen to people.

-4. Where would we like to be in the mind of this person?
*A realistic
It has to be: Supportable
*Singular focus
One Idea
Don’t undermine your core audience.

-5. What is the consumer promise, the “big idea”?
*The benefit to the consumer of where we would like to be

Benefits are not the same as features.
What do I as a consumer get out of it?
A better night of sleep.
Your safer on poor surfaces (These benefits are rational)
You can get to places other vehicles can’t(These benefits are rational)

*So which one benefit do we focus on?
-What’s important to your target market?
-Can we do it better or be first?
-what benefit is not already owned by the competition?
-6, What is the supporting evidence?
*Why can we deliver this?
– Only include the proof that supports our consumer promise.
-Support points may or may not show up in the resulting ADs.
-7, What is the tone for this advertising?
*One or two word tone
– Reflect the personality of brand
-One or two words, no more.
Your creative strategy must not exceed two double-spaced (Times New Roman, 12 point) page. You may use bullet points.
4.<<The Product Manifesto>> (2 double-spaced pages)

The product manifesto should be written to create an emotional connection between the reader and the product. The reader should leave with a rock-solid feeling of what your product promise is and the kind of person who should use it. Review the Sullivan readings from pages 93-96.

This is not an English paper and if it reads like one, you’ll lose points. Above all, it needs be capture the tone you described in the creative strategy. Experiment. Have fun. It’s your chance to be really creative.

There will be two product manifestos posted. (I will upload files for this). These should only be thought of as two examples of the form a manifesto can take. Don’t limit yourself to following their styles or even manner of presentation. Different products will demand different tones and style.

Your product manifesto should not exceed two double-spaced (Times New Roman, 12 point) pages.
<<Odds and Ends>>

Start each of the four sections on a NEW page. Staple (not fold or paperclip) all four sections together in the order presented on this assignment sheet.

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