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Exploring Health Education in the 21st Century (week 2 discussion )

Exploring Health Education in the 21st Century (week 2 discussion )
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The history of public health and health education is replete with significant milestones that have contributed to the preservation of health and well-being. From the discovery of antibiotics and the processes of vaccination to the development of health programs aimed at reducing obesity and violence, health educators strive to increase awareness, modify perceptions of health behaviors, and implement strategies to promote overall health. Consider, for example, how health educators may be involved in the development of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention workshops or a health educator who is responsible for implementing a school-wide hand washing and basic hygiene program for children attending a public school. By understanding the health milestones achieved by health educators, the better prepared you will be in promoting health and well-being.
For this Discussion, review the Interactive Public Health Timeline media piece in the Learning Resources for this week and select one of the significant milestones for public health. Consider how this milestone relates to health education.
Post by Day 3 a description of the milestone that you selected. Explain the role of health educators in effecting/contributing to this milestone. Then explain how the role of the health educator, for this milestone, contributes to the field of health education and health promotion today. Be specific and provide examples.

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