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Explain three major theme discussed in merton mclaurin celia

Write an essay addressing three major themes discussed in Merton McLaurin’s, Celia: A Slave.
Your essay should include a brief summary of the book-no more than two or three paragraphs-and a thoughtful analysis of how McLaurin addresses your identified themes in his work. In your conclusion be sure to discuss what Celia’s story reveals about the slave community?

Your essays will be graded on your demonstrated knowledge of the work, the strength of your analysis, and grammar. Your essay should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Your essay is to be typed using a 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial)

2. Your review should be 800 words in length.

3. Your essay should be double-spaced and have a one-inch margin on ALL sides.

4. All essays are to be submitted on the paper due date. I will dock late essays one letter grade for every day they are late. Any papers not meeting all of the above requirements will be unacceptable.

If you find yourself having problems or questions regarding the essays, please get with me before the due date. Academic Honesty and Plagiarism All assignments, essays, and exams are expected to be the work of the student claiming credit for them.

Anything short of this is a violation of the University’s Academic Honor Code as detailed in Tennessee State University Undergraduate Catalog. No collaboration or sharing of rough drafts, notes, or final papers is allowed.

Failure to observe and comply with the honor code will result in an “F” in the course. Paper Format 1) Place the citation at the top of page 1: Celia, A Slave. By Melton A. McLaurin. (New York: Avon Books. C. 1991. pp.178. $10.00.) 2) If you use a direct quote, use parenthetical citation: “My dog has fleas” (p.1). 3) Place your name and class at the end of the last page in the following manner

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