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Explain the purpose and function of the us constitution

Content Expectations
* Plan: Create a general plan for this problem-based learning experience that includes the following six components:

i- Overview of the general problem you will establish related to the topic “The purpose and function of the U.S. Constitution”

ii- Description of the project that will need to be developed by the group and presented to the class

iii- Description of how you plan to use the computer time (refer to the information in the Instructor Guidance for examples of how you might make this decision)

iv- Overview of how student groups will be assigned and monitored

v- Description of how the creativity and innovation 21st century skills are learned and/or specifically applied within the project

vi- Brief summary of how the learning experience incorporates cultural relevance strategies

* Problem-Based Learning Perspective: Plan includes common characteristics of problem-based learning, addressing an open-ended problem posed to each learning group.

* Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Plan includes descriptions of the specific culturally relevant strategies supported.


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