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Explain different lives and legacies of pharaohs hatshepsut

Suppose you are Egyptologist encountering astounding archeological find, like the tomb of Tutankhamen found by Howard Carter in 1922. Which dynasty or pharoah would you hope your discovery would focus on? Describe your answer.
Let the very different lives and legacies of pharaohs Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, and Tutankhamen. As the student of ancient Egyptian history, which of them do you think gives you the most insight into and understanding of this ancient and long-lived civilization and explain why?

Review photographs of human images. At times figures are quite natural, but frequently they are quite rigid and stiff. And painted scrolls don’t even appear at all natural, but are “walking like Egyptian.” Choose the single image and describe what the artist wanted viewer of that time to “see.” Also describe why you believe your choice is portrayed in natural/realistic way or is somehow unnatural and stiff.

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