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Excel file Room Inspection

The Excel file Room Inspection provides data for 100 room inspections at each of 25 hotels in a major chain. Management would like the proportion of nonconforming rooms to be less than 2%. Test an appropriate hypothesis to determine if management can make this claim.

An employer is considering negotiating its pricing structure for health insurance with its provider if there is sufficient evidence that customers will be willing to pay a lower premium for a higher deductible. Specifically, they want at least 30% of their employees to be willing to do this. Using the sample data in the Excel file Insurance Survey, determine what decision they should make.

A college is trying to determine if there is a significant difference in the mean GMAT score of students from different undergraduate backgrounds who apply to the MBA program. The Excel file GMAT Scores contain data from a sample of students. What conclusion can be reached using ANOVA?

Using the data in the Excel file Cell Phone Survey, apply ANOVA to determine if the mean response for Value for the Dollar is the same for different types of cell phones.