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Evaluating Project Management Practices

The objective of this project is to give students the opportunity to study and evaluate project management practices in a real world context with a view to learn the complexities in real projects and the underlying reasons for project failures and successes.

You will collect information from an organization about its project management history and practices and write a report to document your findings. This is a group project that should also give you a chance to build and develop your skills with regard to group work.

Project Description

Each 2 students should form a team. Exceptions must be approved.

Each group needs to identify and select an actual organization, whether for-profit or non-for-profit, from the local or external environments

The deadline for creating groups and selecting an organization as a project is Wednesday September 26th.No organization can be selected by more than one group (FCFS principle will apply).

Examine the organization and study its project management history and practices and write a report to answer and document the following:


Briefly describe the organization and its business environment, including industry and main business activity.

History on doing projects

Give an account of the history of projects and project management in the organization. Give examples of some of the recent projects undertaken.

Identity and assess the “maturity” of the organization’s project management, using any of the well known project management maturity models.

Nature, size, and frequency of projects

Explain the nature (type) and main characteristics of projects undertaken by the organization in the past. Identify the projects’ triple constraints by discussing their sizes in schedule, budgetary, or physical (scope) terms.

Give examples.

Discuss the frequency with which the organization undertakes projects. E.g. one/two projects each month, year, etc.

 Project Portfolio Management

The role of project portfolio management in the organization (if any), and its contribution to the management of the organization’s projects.

The extent to which project evaluation and selection are tied to strategic planning and goals

Reasons for track record, successes and failures

Identify and assess the organization’s project management track record (successes or failures), making sure to document the relevant statistics and percentages of successes/failures.

Identify reasons or factors for the record of successes and failures. Are these factors internal or external, project- or organization-based?

Identify the success criteria generally adopted or used to define the successes or failures.

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