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Evaluate the differences between digital and traditional marketing.


The Garrison Spa and Lodge is a small hotel located in County Dublin. To date, The Garrison has relied on traditional marketing strategies such as advertising in local and national newspapers, editorials in specialist magazines such as Bride 2 Be and local radio advertising campaigns. Recently, The Garrison invested in the development of a new website that includes an online booking facility. However, the website has not managed to generate any new business so far. The General Manager wants to increase traffic to the site and is also interested in utilising Facebook and Twitter as marketing tools. He has asked you to put together information to assist him in understanding digital marketing and e-tools.


Prepare a 1,500 word essay which evaluates the differences between digital and traditional marketing

1. Your information should include the following:
a) An outline of the unique characteristics of the web as a marketing medium
b) The differences between digital marketing

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