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Ethics of Wikileaks

Write an essay to “AGAINST” the Wikileaks in Ethics perspective
(~10%) Introduction
Introduce the event/issue
Point out whether you are for or against it
Introduce which ethical framework you will be using (you may only use one)
Provide your hook (why should people care?)
(~20%) Background
Discuss the history of and events leading up to the event
Any relevant information the reader needs to know to understand your arguments later
(~15%) Ethical Framework
Information about the framework
Why is this appropriate for this situation
How is this situation viewed through the framework
(~30%) Personal Position
Where do you stand on the issue
Evidence to back up your stance
A persuasive argument for why others should agree with you
(~20%) Rebuttal
Choose three of the strongest arguments from the opposing side and provide an evidence based refutation of their claims
You may, but do not have to, work with the members of the other team in selecting which of their arguments you wish to use
(~5%) Conclusion
Summary of your arguments, evidence, and position