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“ethics”, “diversity”, “global business”

Part 1: Post a news article link related to a topic or concept that we have covered in the course.
See details below for what is acceptable as a “news” story from a “reputable” source
Ask me if you are unsure if it is an acceptable news story. If it is more of an academic article, then it may be able to be used for an “Article Review” extra credit.
Part 2: Summarize the article in your own words
at least 2-3 sentences
include the class-concept you are discussing and define it!
Do NOT use general concepts like “ethics”, “diversity”, “global business”, etc. Instead, use more specific concepts or theories (e.g., fairness in the workplace, trade inhibitors, etc).
IMPORTANT: Use facts and/or specific points from the article in your discussion! This shows me your read the article and not just the headline or the first few paragraphs.
This may take more than 2-3 sentences, but you don’t need to write too much!
Part 3: Explain why this news article was of interest to you and why you selected it
at least 2-3 sentences
Part 4: Describe how you will use what you learned from this news article in your academic and/or professional career
at least 2-3 sentences