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Ethics And Social Responsibility

For this assignment, you will identify potential ethical issues related to decisions that are made. You will examine what impact ethical considerations may have on decision-making processes and what impact corporate social responsibility can have on the outcome of decision-making for an organization as a whole.

Identify a business in your community. This can be your place of employment, a business with which you are familiar, or a business that you research in the University Library (Wells Fargo, Enron, Bank of America, Pepsi, etc.).

Develop a 10- to 15-slide presentation (including detailed speaker notes) in which you evaluate the ethical and social responsibility practices within your chosen organization. You may use Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Include the following in your evaluation and speaker notes must be substantial and slides are bulleted:

  • Title slide (1 slide)
  • Reference slide (1 slide) – site a minimum of 3 references
  • Select a major business decision recently made by the business – explain the decision in detail (in speaker notes).
  • Evaluate how the business applies corporate social responsibility within its decision-making processes – explain in detail (in speaker notes).
  • Identify potential ethical issues related to the major business decision that was recently made and determine the effect that these issues may have had on a decision-making processes in general at the business – explain why (in speaker notes).
  • Discus how critical thinking can be used to improve corporate social responsibility best practices – explain in detail your position (in speaker notes).
  • References should be included in the speaker notes for each slide that requires a reference. The presentation should include relevant media and visual aids that are consistent with the content.

    Include the speaker /presenter notes to explain the key points in your presentation on each slide.
    Cite a minimum of 3 references in the speaker notes.

    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.
    Submit your assignment.

    ** Important note: You have only one attempt available to complete assignment and must be submitted by 6:00pm PST on day of class week 5.  

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