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Ethics and its Polarities

Copy the following questions into a document.  In two single-spaced pages answer the following:

1.)  Ethics is often called a “derivative” study, i.e., it depends on what we believe to be true in two other areas:  Worldview or Ontology and the view of the human being, particularly what we can know.  Show by an example how an ethic, what is considered to be right or wrong can come from these two other views. 

2.)  We have discussed four polarities of ethics.  Name them, describe each one briefly–what it is and how it develops.  Then discuss the relationships in an ethical consideration of the four polarities to each other. 

3.)  Individuals make value judgements almost as quickly as they perceive something.  Describe how when we see or hear or perceive something we almost immediately also put a value judgement on it. 

4.)  What is meant by saying that a part of our self-consciousness is the story we have of ourselves.  How does this story relate to our past and to our future.   How is our ethical choice  influenced by identity stories told to us?

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