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Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Report Requirements (maximum 10 points):

  1. Based upon information you’ll gather from a local profit or non-profit organization, prepare a 2-3 page double-spaced report on its current ethical environment or a program within the organization’s corporate social responsibility.
  2. It is your responsibility to find a local profit or non-profit organization willing to work with you for this project. I do have a few organizations you could contact but keep in mind that they may or may not be able to talk to multiple students.  The sooner you find an organization, the better for you.
  3. The report:
    1. See the sample report format at the end of this packet
    2. Submit in hard-copy (no emails accepted)
    3. Submit anytime between now and the beginning of class- March 27
    4. Length between 2-3 pages, double-spaced (no Reference page)
    5. Use Calibri, Arial or Times-New Roman font with 12-pitch type size
    6. Centered on a cover-page, place the name of the organization and the contact name and position of the person(s) you interviewed along with contact information (email and/or phone). Your name needs to be included on this cover-page (see exhibit at the end of this packet). This cover page is not included in the required report length.
    7. Include your name typed in the upper-right of the additional pages (except the cover page).
    8. In the upper-left, staple together the pages in your report (deduction if not stapled)
    9. No previews of the report; once submitted, it is graded
    10. Use the Academic Enhancement Center for help with grammar, etc.
  4. The content of the report focuses on your discussion with a representative of your selected organization. Keep in mind you may need to check with several organizations before finding an organization who agrees to help you.


  1. Rather than try to cover a wide range of ethics topics and corporate social responsibility programs within an organization, concentrate on one specific element of ethics or one corporate social responsibility program and examine it in detail. For example, you may find that the organization has a Code of Ethics.  If so, what is covered in the Code; how is it communicated to employees/volunteers; how is the Code monitored to assure compliance?  Or, you may want to explore a specific program within the organization’s corporate social responsibility.  In this case, overview this specific program; what does it accomplish; how is success measured?  Avoid looking at this as strictly an assignment.  Focus on gaining a better understanding of how ethics or corporate social responsibility actually play out in organizations in our community.
  2. You do not need to physically visit the organization although you’ll get more out of the project if you have a face-to-face conversation. Alternatives would be a phone discussion(s) or email exchange.  Avoid using text messages (the project is too involved for text messages to be of value).
  3. To help you and the representative at the organization, write down in advance the questions you plan to ask especially as you try to determine what you want to concentrate on for your report. You could even suggest sending your questions in advance to the representative in order to save time for your meeting or phone conversation.
  4. While you are not expected to include a Reference page, you do need to state how the content of your report ties back to material we’ve discussed in class (or in the text if you have one). This will help substantiate your learning of the material applied to your report and of course help with earning a better score.
  5. How the report is graded (10 points max):
    1. Following directions
    2. Grammar, spelling, mechanics
    3. Organized, logical flow of the report




See Suggested Script on Next Page to Help Recruit an Organization



(Appropriate Greeting)….I am a student in the School of Business at Georgia Gwinnett College.  This semester I’m taking a course in Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.  A required project involves having a conversation with a local organization who would be willing to provide me with an overview of their organization’s ethics program or a current community goodwill program in which it is involved.  The project would require a conversation of about 15-20 minutes of your time.  I’d like to meet with you in person or we could have a conversation over the phone, whichever is easier for you.  Does this sound like something that you could help me with for my course?  (once you get agreement, set up a date and time for your actual meeting…be sure to get the person’s name, position and contact information).



See Sample WRITTEN REPORT Format Starting on Next Page



Prepared by:  Ima Student



ORGANIZATION:                 Honesty Counts

Lawrenceville, GA


REPRESENTATIVE:           Pete Nocchio


POSITION:                            Executive Director



505-555-5555, ext 555

(Use 3 Section Headings as suggested below to help with report clarity and organization; the report needs to be between 2-3 pages double-spaced.  Deductions if the report does not meet the minimum or exceeds the maximum page requirements).


Overview of (Name of Organization)

Write a few sentences providing an overview of the organization and its purpose.



Ethics or Corporate Social Responsibility (Name of Program)

This is the bulk of your report.


Be specific and comprehensive to show me that you really have an understanding of the ethics or corporate social responsibility program you selected with this organization.  I want to read how this ties back to material we’ve discussed in class rather than simply an overview of the program. This will have an impact on the points earned for the report.




Conclude your report with a few sentences on your impression of this organization’s approach to the ethics or corporate social responsibility program you examined.  What suggestions, based on topics in the course, could help the organization improve or sustain the program you explored?