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Ethical Issues Analysis

Possible Ethical Issues to Select: Gender Identity, Indigenous, Food Security, Precarious Housing, Right to Strike, Rural Health, Urban Health, Men in Nursing, Women in Nursing, Disability Accommodations in Nursing Work, Whistle-Blowing, Workplace Violence, Elder Abuse, Cultural Safety, and others!
This is a message from my prof: Remember to state your ethical issue/dilemma clearly, ensure it is relevant to nursing practice (I do not want a general philosophical presentation on a controversial/ethical topic), identify a theory/concept /principle that is the concern of nurses, analyze the issue. The analysis process can be any discussed in the course from these nursing resources: APIE from CNO, Oberle & Raffin from CNA.
If you have any problem with length, focus on one concept/principle. Get right to the point at the start of the paper — Not a problem to start the paper like, “Nursing practice is challenged with contemporary patient issues. This paper will discuss the ethical dilemma of X, and the related concept of Y. The Z process will be used to analyze the issue.”

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