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Ethical issue related to the beginning of life

Directions: In this assignment, you will be working individually to write a paper about an ethical issue related to the beginning of life or health maintenance or allocation of health care resources, unjust, incompetent, illegal behavior or end-of-life issues. You will select only one of these ethical issues. The purpose is to explore both sides of an ethical dilemma (fiction or non-fiction) that you may have encountered in a health care setting and develop your skills in analyzing and resolving an ethical issue. Include your thoughts and reflections on an ethical issue, but opinions must be supported by references from the professional literature or valid websites. Use the Bioethical Decision Making Model to assist with a resolution of the dilemma. There must be at least three references. The paper and references must be in proper APA format in the APA template.

Use the following to format paper and include the subheadings listed in bold:

Describe a specific Scenario/Ethical Dilemma related to your ethical issue (fiction or nonfiction), the ethical dilemma raised should be phrased as a question.
Consider Stakeholders who should be involved in the decision-making process along with an ethical framework for resolving the ethical dilemma. Consider who is affected by the issue and who should be involved in resolving the issue.
Analyze the decision, the Alternatives and Consequences/Option A versus Option B for what should be done. Substantiate your position or beliefs on both sides with at least two rationales. Include references that support your rationales.
Choose an action as a Resolution of the dilemma. Summarize what steps you believe are best. Relate the steps to previous readings.