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establish your own funeral home

Research the basic requirements to establish your own funeral home in your town and create a budget to establish and open the funeral home. The budget is
to cover all costs that have to be incurred and if any mortgages or long-term liabilities are incurred how they affect the future expenses.

Begin with a paragraph detailing what type of funeral home you would open and in which city and state it would be opened. Type of funeral home refers to
full service funeral home, direct cremation service, etc. Type of ownership, etc.
Once the business is defined place the requirements of you state within the next paragraph…What are the requirements to open? Size requirements, display
requirements, equipment requirements, etc… Will you rent, will you purchase, etc – these all have to be considered in the budget.
Determine the cost to meet requirements and define how you will meet the costs and how much as well as how you will raise the funds.…
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