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Essay (Coursework) – 30% of final module mark

Essay (Coursework) – 30% of final module mark
The ESSAY of 2,000 words (minimum 1,800 and maximum 2,200 words) is to be written on one topic of choice out of two (or more) optional topics provided by the tutor in Lecture 4 on Thursday 15 October 2015. The deadline for submitting the essay is on Thursday 19 November 2015 at 09:00 AM ?before or in. The coursework feedback will be giveninLecture 12 on Thursday 10 December 2015, in class
Content: Complete an economic assessment of the performance of ONE of the following industrial sectors in Europe: Passenger Airlines; Automotive; or Retailing. As part of your essay include:
1. A thorough assessment of the main business data trends relevant to the industry in the past decade or so (30%) ?
2. The key economic principles which underpin your proposed performance assessment answer(s). What are the concepts from business economics that you can use? (40%) ?
3. A PEST(EL) analysis (20%) ?
4. The implications of your findings for the industry (5%) and society as a whole (5%). ?
Notes: Answers are to be presented clearly and SEPARATELY. State the question number and question sub-part before each of your answers.
The essay will be assessed according to the following STANDARD marking criteria:

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