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Essay Analysis

Throughout the course, you have read a variety of “texts” as well as the “contexts” in which they emerged
(historic, cultural, societal). Now that we find ourselves in a unique historic moment, the context is clear. So it’s
time to create an “artifact” of 2020 inspired by what the past year has been like for you, the writer, that can be
shared with future generations to document the human response to these strange times. This “artifact” can be
any creative project you like; you can create a poem, painting, a comic strip, a short story, a podcast, a photo
essay, a Youtube video, a diary, an infographic–all you need to do is address what life has been like in the past
year, how you have responded, and what you have learned about yourself. As part of this process, you must
write at least 600 words; this can either be through the artifact itself (for example, in the form of a short story,
podcast/video script, poem) or you may write an accompanying essay that details your creation and how it
relates to 2020.