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Environmentalism in America

Part 1: Meaning of Brower’s Statement

Conservation land is referred to as a land that has been set for protection and to can be used only for purposes of environmental conservation. In his speech, Brower reported that conservationists have to achieve a continuous win. What he meant in this statement is that they have to always work to protect the conservation lands. He meant that the work of conservationists does not end with just buying land and setting it for protection. They need to continuously check on the lands to ensure they are not converted to other purposes. As observed, people may come up with bad or good intentions to devote the land for other purposes. Many bills can be put forth by the government to convert the space into other uses. Many threats occur leading to the land being used for other purposes, with a justification that the community will benefit. For instance, the open space can be proposed as a suitable place for growing food group for a community that faces famine. Whether bad or good intentions, the conservationists must always work to protect the land and ensure that conservation lands are protected. Brower thus meant that just a single win in getting the open space is not enough.

Conservationists need to invent new ideas to protect the open safe set aside for environmental conservation. Mapping up the spaces and placing a restriction on the land are ways that can be used in the protection of the conservation land. However, as much as the conservationists may work to ensure the lands are not devoted for other purposes, the lack of strong legislation on such matters makes their work difficult. The voters who could demand the change of policies are in most cases reluctant to do so. As such the conservationists may achieve some wins, however in certain cases they may not succeed to achieve full protection of all the conservation lands, this explains why Brower in his later statement reports that he has just been able to prevent things from getting worse in his career.

Part 2: 350. Org Company Analysis

Mission and Reasons for Formation of the Company. The issue of climate change and its adverse effects on the environment has led to the emergence of an organization concerned with the reduction of carbon dioxide released into the environment. 350. org is one such organization that was created in the year 2007 with the goal of working to address the climate change issue. The initial mission of the company was to bring together an environmental organization and work towards addressing the issue of climate change. The company organized campaigns such as international day of climate, global work party and moving the planet in the year that included different companies and activists and were focused on communicating the strategies that can be employed to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases ( After organizing and conducting different campaigns, the company realized that it could operate as movement concerned with controlling and managing activities that are associated with the release of excessive carbon. As a result, its mission changed to creation and empowerment of various grassroots and global movements to address and offer a solution to the climate change menace. 350. org focused on creating and financing movements that are focused on addressing the problem of climate change.

The name and the reason for the formation of were drawn from the results of the study conducted at Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The researcher, James Hansen discovered that the environment then had a carbon dioxide concentration of 400 ppm. According to the researcher, to lower the rate of global warming it was mandatory that the maximum carbon dioxide concentration is maintained at 350ppm. Following this report, Bill McKibben established together with other students from Middlebury College with the goal of implementing the recommendations put forth by James Hansen in his research. While focusing on controlling climate change and addressing the issues associated with it, the overall goal of is to reduce the carbon dioxide concentration to 350ppm or lower.

Sources of Funding. The major source of income for 350.0rg is grants and donations from foundations concerned with environmental conservation and minimization of global warming. The year 2016, the organization receives about 7 million dollars from various foundations across the globe. Also, the company receives donations from individuals. In its website and during the many campaigns that the company engages in, they encourage individuals to support their course. As a result, the company receives approximately 6 million dollars from individuals annually ( Other sources of income for the organization include sales from artwork, t-shirts and other products that the company sells. Grants, donations and revenue collected from the company products are the major sources of funding for the group.

The successes of the Company. As much as has faced significant challenges in their struggle to lower the rate of global warming, they have registered some success motivating them to strive towards the attainment of their vision. The presence of the organization in about 188 countries is one of the successes it has achieved since its inception. The organization‘s uncompromising stand against the use of fossil fuel has also led to the many successes it has reported. The organization has continually put pressure on the government to block projects believed to causes massive emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. In the year 2015, succeeded in blocking a gas pump in Vermont and proposed gas storage in New York in the year 2016 that was expected to have adverse pollution and emission of carbon dioxide to the environment (Steingraber). The rejection of the Keystone pipeline is also a success reported by the organization (Baird). Also, the company registered an achievement when the United Nations held a people’s climate match in support of its activities and the call to abolish the use of fossil fuels. Despite the many arrests witnessed by the members and supporters of the company, still conducts many campaigns on minimization of carbon dioxide gas emission with the hope of registering many successes as opposed to failures.

The  Focus and Strategy of the Company. The current focus of the company is to ensure companies and individuals divest from the use of fossil fuels. The idea is to pressurize various government, institutions and the entire public across the globe to deprive the fossil fuel companies of making any revenue. It is believed a significant portion of the carbon dioxide emission arises from the fossil fuels. Their complete abolition will thus result in a significant reduction of global warming rates (Ayling and Gunningham). As much as the current stance in divesting from fossil has been labeled a hypocritical approach from the company, is determined to achieve their overall goal through encouraging governments to adopt clean and cheap forms of energy.

The company work towards accomplishing their goal of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment by the formation of campaigns and partnerships with other environmentalist’s groups. The campaigns are formed to fight against activities believed to cause excessive emission of greenhouse gases that do not only increase the rate of global warming but also endangers the life of living organisms. Collaboration with other groups mostly from institutions and foundations that want to address the climate issue is another approach that has been employed by to work towards accomplishing its mission. Even though the company has not accomplished its vision, it has made significant steps in the fight against the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment and reduction of the global warming rate.

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