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Environmental studies

You should ensure you have watched the John Oliver segment on science before responding to this post. The
link for the segment is in the last slide of the second science PowerPoint. After watching that segment, please
respond to the following prompts:
Where do you get your science news from?
After watching the John Oliver segment, do you feel confident that the science news you are getting is
accurate? Why or why not?
After watching the John Oliver segment, will you be more skeptical about the news (science or otherwise) that
is reported? Why or why not?
Will you fact check news, particularly science news, that is presented to you? Why or why not?
Think about a current science issue (environmental or otherwise, it could be climate change, pollution, COVID19, anything related to science that is in the news). Which issue did you choose and why? Do you think the
media is doing a good job presenting the information about the issue you chose in a clear, unbiased way? Why
or why not?
What can be done to ensure information presented about this issue is clear and accurate?