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Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Now that you have heard and reflected on the discussions of the four environmental policy options presented by your classmates, it is your turn craft your own vision of environmental policy, “Option 5”. “Option 5” is your vision of how the US should handle environmental problems from a policy perspective. (DUE WEDS the March 15th). There are no right or wrong visions in this assignment, but you should clarify your viewpoints and use supporting data to support your argument. Your personal vision may be similar to one of the options presented in class, may be an amalgamation of several options presented in class, or can be a completely unique stance on solving environmental problems. Please follow the format of the briefing papers you used for the Fishbowl Discussion to draft your paper. It should be about 1-1.5 pages in length and include the following:

1) You will need to draft 1-2 persuasive paragraphs that present and overview of your Option 5

2) Come up at least 2 policies that you believe the US would pursue under Option 5 (your personal opinion).

3) Finally identify 2 merits (benefits) and 2 trade-offs (downsides) of Option 5.

4) Lastly, please provide a brief description (one paragraph) of how you and your group prepared for this assignment.

See the below rubric to help you with your writing.

Here is how you will be graded overall for the Fishbowl Discussion and Option 5 write up:


25% Fishbowl Discussion Preparation—Did you work with your team to adequately prepare for this discussion

25% Fishbowl discussion—Did you stay in role? Did you activity participate in the conversation? Did you convey your option clearly, or was it confusing for observers to decipher what your option values? Did your team prepare the Fishbowl lead adequately for their discussion.

50% Quality and completeness of Option 5 writeup (Instructions to follow Fishbowl discussion). I have included a rubric to give you an understanding of what I’m looking for.

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