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Entrepreneurial Education Interview

To what extent does studying abroad contribute to the entrepreneurial intention of international business graduate students in the UK?

How does the content of entrepreneurial courses contribute to the entrepreneurial intention of international business graduate students?

How were your entrepreneurial intentions prior to attending entrepreneurial course?

What entrepreneurial course did you take in your postgraduate study?

Was the educational system any different from your home-country? (Different ways of providing lectures…)

How did you engage in the course? Do you consider yourself as an engaging student?

How involved were you in practical activities? (definition of practical activities)

To what extent do you think your entrepreneurial course has shaped  your entrepreneurial intentions?

Has there been an insight during the entrepreneurial class that changed your viewpoints of entrepreneurship positively (or negatively)?

How does university-based interaction among international business students contribute to students’ entrepreneurial intention?

As this business programme involve a lot of teamwork, how has this changed your perception of becoming self-employed?

Have your colleagues’ experiences contributed to your entrepreneurial intention?

As the University of Aberdeen organises gatherings for entrepreneurial-minded students, (in case you have attended any of those events), how has this impacted your motivation towards becoming self-employed?

How does experiencing the British national culture contribute to their entrepreneurial intention of business graduate students?

In comparison to your home-country:

How do you perceive the entrepreneurial opportunities in the UK?

Given the support given in the UK, how has this changed your tolerance to take risks?  (uncertainty avoidance)

Have you recognised any changes in your career  goals, ambitions since your arrival in the UK? (masculine values)

To what extent has the  importance of your  personal accomplishment changed?

As you are confronting another culture in the UK, how does the national culture change your perception towards entrepreneurship?

Individual Assessment  

The individual assessment comprises 70% of the total marks for the course. It is a Transcript Coding Assessment and builds on the interview schedule that you started to devise in groups in Teaching Week 2. It comprises four elements:

• Recruit one participant and carry out an interview using the interview guide – or a more developed version – that you devised in your group in class in Teaching Week 2.

• Prepare a transcript of your interview (you can use a transcription software if you wish so).

• Develop a coding framework with themes and sub-themes.

• Illustrate your themes and sub-themes using direct quotations from the transcript.

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