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Design: Please choose an object that you would like to improve. The improvement process can include shape, material, etc. As part of your requirements, you must draw
a correctly dimensioned engineering drawing containing the top, front, and side views of your object using Creo Parametric. This drawing must be uploaded as a pdf to
blackboard as your appendix along with your word document. The engineering drawing must include dimensions. In the design report, you need to introduce your object
and explain its current design. Next, you must completely explain your engineering improvements and justify said improvements. You should then discuss your objects
use or function. If you make significant changes to the shape or dimension of your object, a second engineering drawing of your new object needs to also be turned in
to blackboard.
IMPORTANT: Your object must be approved by Dr. Fralick prior to beginning this project.
General guidelines:
12pt Times New Roman Font
Single or 1.15 spaced
Consistent citation style (i.e. APA, MLA)
Label any figures or tables appropriately with numbers and summary sentences
3-5 pages, including figures or tables
Possible design report sections include:
Background information
Design, measures, improvements
Appendix (to include your engineering drawings)

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