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English Diagnostic

English Diagnostic

As a pre-test/diagnostic evaluation of your writing skills, provide a well-organized, multi-
paragraph writing sample that addresses the topic below. Your writing sample should be typed in a
Microsoft Word document and should also be professional in language and tone.

Your company currently provides all full-time employees with a total of 15 days off during the
calendar year. The time off is broken down as follows:

• 5 sick days (to be used anytime, without advance notice, but using two or more consecutive
days requires documentation from a medical professional)
• 10 vacation days (must be scheduled and approved in advance)

Your boss has suggested changing the time off policy to allow employees to use their 15 days in any
way they want, as sick days, personal days, or vacation time. Under this proposal, employees could
take a personal or sick day any time they want, for two consecutive days, without advance notice or
medical documentation. Additionally, employees would only need to schedule vacation in advance if
they plan on taking off three or more consecutive days. Your boss has asked everyone on your team
to consider this change.

On the first line of your word document, type your student ID (BID) number. Then, on the next line
down, begin your response.

Write an email to your boss expressing your opinion about the time off policy. Support your
reasoning with examples and facts. Your finished email should be two-three paragraphs or 300-450
words long.

When you are finished, upload your Word document to the appropriate Blackboard course, as
demonstrated by your instructor.

Proofread your writing carefully to identify and correct any errors.

Please use the checklist below before submitting your essay.

_____ Mywriting addresses the topic above.

_____ Mywriting has well-organized, detailed paragraphs.

_____ Mywriting is professional in tone and language.

_____ I have proofread my writing and made any revisions/corrections I thought were necessary.

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