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Employment Contract

1. Discuss the benefits to the employer of having an “at wall” employment contract with each employee.

2. How is tortious interference with contract different than breach of contract? Explain in clear and complete sentences.

3. Explain why employers should not discriminate against applicants for employment on the basis of race, creed, national origin, or gender. Try to use both ethical and legal principles.

4. What is front pay and when would a court order it? Answer in clear and complete sentences.

5.David Delmonico, the CEO and owner of Delmonico, Inc, where you are the Director of HR, has directed you as follows: “Fire everyone in the plant over age 55. They are costing me too much. Our pension plan forces me to pay too much into their plans. Paper over their work records so it looks like I fired them for good cause.” Do a short memorandum to the employer explain to him why, based on legal reasons, you recommend against this course of action.

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