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Emotional Intelligence and Enneagram Activity

Emotional Intelligence and Enneagram Activity


This is an individual activity; it is not group work. Students are expected to complete their own work.

Emotional Intelligence: Review the resources in this week’s Brightspace module on EI (two videos, two articles). Answer the following questions. Be sure your answers demonstrate synthesis of the posted resources.

  1. In your own words, how would you explain Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Quotient) to others? (add your answer next to bullet point)

Why is it important to grow in EQ, especially as a professional nurse? (add your answer next to bullet point)


  1. What is the difference between the two types of Empathy? Next to your description, provide an example of when you showed each type of empathy.
  • Affective Empathy:
  • Cognitive Empathy:


  1. What is Self-Awareness? Add the three components of self-awareness to the bullet points:


  1. What are you Passionateabout? How is passion related to your drives to become a nurse? What role does passion play in keeping us sustained in our career?


Enneagram: Take the 5-minute Enneagram test at  You will receive your personal results upon submission. Submit your results report from the Enneagram test, along with this worksheet, to the Brightspace submission folder.

  1. What were your top three types? (list the number and title):


  1. Decide on the one type that is most “you”. Based on the descriptors listed on that report, share your favorite thing from the list – something that you can especially relate to regarding:
    1. “How to get along with me”:
    2. “What I like about being a… <your number>”:
    3. “What is hard about being…<your number>”:


  1. In a few sentences, share your reaction to your Enneagram test results.


  1. How can information like this assist you in developing Emotional Intelligence?


  1. In what ways can you integrate your personality strengths into your work as a professional RN and leader?

Please review these four resources before completing the written activity. You will need to refer to these in their written activity.