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Emily Martin The egg and sperm

1) Emily Martin disapproves the scientific explanation of egg and sperm because:

A) Fertilization is explained as the miraculous working of egg and sperm.
B) It is constructed in such a way that it supports the social construction of woman as passive and man as active.
C) Medical texts on the subject define it as a very dull and boring process.
D) Popular culture texts contain more truthful facts on egg and sperm than the medical texts.

2) Which is not true of Donna Haraway’s theory of ‘situated knowledges’?
A) It is necessary for a feminist version of objectivity.

B) It is a doctrine of objectivity that promises transcendence.
C) They are about isolated individuals, not about communities.
D) They are the knowledges of people ruled by partial sight and limited voice.

3) Anne Koedt refers to Freud in her article ”The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm”. Which one, according to her, is not true about him?
A) A) Freud states that vagina is more capable of producing a more mature orgasm than the clitoris.
B) He argues that women who opt for clitoral stimulation are frigid.

C) He recommended psychiatric care for women diagnosed with frigidity.

D) Freud based his theories upon a study of woman’s anatomy.

4) Which of the below is not described as a product of the male-dominated and sexist society by the Radicalesbians?

A) It makes homosexuality an inauthentic category, a by-product of its own rules on the basis of sex.
B) A lesbian is not considered a ”real woman” as a gay man is not considered a ”real man”
C) It creates solidarity among women regardless of their being heterosexuals or lesbians.

D) It triggers an enormous reservoir of self-hate in women.

Choose two (2) of the following questions and write a very brief response. Don’t forget to indicate which question you are answering. (20 points each)
1. Why do the Radicalesbians argue that Lesbian is a label invented by the Man?
2. What is cybernetic model and why does Emily Martin propose that it is as well hardly neutral in explaining the egg and sperm and their roles in fertilization?
3. Name and discuss at least 3 reasons Anne Koedt gives regarding why men maintain the myth of the vaginal orgasm.
4. Why does Donna Haraway state that identity does not produce science but critical positioning does? Discuss it in relation to her idea of the situated knowledges.

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