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Emergency exits in an emergency evacuation

The tendency for building occupants to use familiar exits instead of
emergency exits in an emergency evacuation cannot be overcome.
You should carry out a systematic literature search to identify research papers relevant to your chosen topic.
Include a Methods section giving details of databases that you used to source relevant literature, your search
strategy ((including keywords, how you combined them and details of any advanced search techniques used),
and inclusion and exclusion criteria that you applied to the results of your search in order to select the literature
for review. Include a flow diagram (Prisma diagram (see Figure 1) or similar) to help illustrate the process. We
suggest you should aim to identify between 10-12 key research papers, at least 5 of which should comprise
primary research.
You should then conduct a critical evaluation of the primary research reported in the literature in terms of the
research approach and data collection methods used and present your results in the template attached (Table
1: Critical Evaluation Research Methods). Note: this table is not included in the word count – it is expected to
be concise but detailed and will only be able to be completed after a thorough reading of the identified papers
which present primary research.