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Emergency circumstances might require the setting aside of traditional ethics

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Assignment Details

Technology—in whatever form—is generally not inherently unethical or immoral; rather, it is the manner in which a tool or capability is used and the decision-making process employed to determine that use that presents a potential dilemma.

Assignment Guidelines

In 6–8 paragraphs, address the following:
What do you think are 3 ways that emergency circumstances might require the setting aside of traditional ethics to manage the crisis or defeat an adversary?
In addition, provide your own perspective for each example you described, and justify or argue against the suspension of ethical considerations.
Biometrics is 1 form of technology being explored, and in some cases applied, for widespread purposes ranging from access control to a proposed mass use in national identification cards. Go online and briefly search for sources that tell you more about biometrics and the ways they are—or could be—used. Based on your research, answer these questions:
Describe in detail 1 way that biometrics are currently used.
Does this usage have a linkage to homeland security? If so, explain the connection; if not, could it have linkage?
Do you believe this current usage of biometrics is ethical? Why or why not?
Describe the fundamental concerns opponents of biometrics’ use have regarding privacy. Do you find their concerns legitimate? Why or why not?
How are biometrics stored and maintained? Do you believe they are adequately secured? Why or why not? What risks and benefits exist with storing biometrics? Is there an ethical dilemma here; if so, identify and discuss it.
Biometrics are—or may potentially—be shared between government agencies (domestic and foreign) and private industries.
Identify and explain at least 1 benefit for such exchanges.
Identify and explain at least 1 example of how the information might be misused.
Post a new topic to the Discussion Board that contains your responses to the above questions.