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Effective Organizational Culture

Creating a More Effective Organizational Culture: In this section, you will analyze the transcripts provided to determine the influence of cultural
differences on the conflict.

A. Analyze how the stakeholders’ cultural perspectives affected their points of view in this conflict. Support your analysis with relevant examples.

B. Describe instances in which you see a match or gaps between the former employee and organizational culture. Support your description with specific examples.

C. Recommend strategies that individual stakeholders can use to deal with employees who have disparate cultural perspectives. Justify your recommendation(s) with appropriate conflict resolution concepts.

Using the final project transcripts provided and the articles “Bias Has No Place at Work” and “Workplace Religious Accommodation Issues for Adherents of
Islam”, assess the cultural needs of Kareem versus the culture at ABC Corporation. Where did you identify gaps? What should ABC Corporation do to meet Kareem’s needs while still maintaining performance expectations?

Your paper should include these critical elements:

An assessment of Kareem’s cultural needs
An assessment ABC Corporation’s organizational culture
A description of the gaps between Kareem’s cultural needs and the ABC Corporation
organizational culture
Recommendations of strategies for ABC Corporation to meet Kareem’s needs while
still maintaining performance expectations

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