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Education Faith and Society ( Teaching Session Plan )

Education, Faith and Society (MIN020X316S)

Assignment Plan (You will also find this in the introduction section on moodle)

1. To work on NOW

(i) Decide on the group that you want to do your teaching session with and ask them: it can be a group you are already working with.
The size can be anything from 5 to 20. But remember, if you choose a larger group you will need to include lots of small group work, Q & A, and plenaries – like we did in session 1

(ii) Decide on your subject or theme for the session. You might wish to explore this with the group you are going to work with to see what their needs and interests might be.

(iii) Book the date and venue for your session: I suggest sometime between 23rd February and 1st March

(iv) Begin work on your teaching plan

(v) Begin your academic reading; I will make suggestions for wider reading on the preparation sheet for each session. Remember you are required to reference at least 6 academic sources in your reflection. I will give you a wide range to look at so you should be able to access something in the library for each theme.

2. By

(i) Upload a draft of your teaching plan (1000 words) on Turnitin by 11.59pm 0n 14th February. I will respond by 21st February at the latest with comments.

(i) Run teaching session

(i) Submit reflection (3000 words) on Turnitin by 11.59pm on 13th March


The module assessment will be to design, carry out and reflect on a teaching session/educational project in a church setting. The assessment consists of two components:

(i) Formative assessment: teaching session plan, which should include a description of the teaching event, learning outcomes and a lesson outline (1,000 words)

(ii) Summative assessment, which will consist of the teaching session plan and a reflective piece using the material from the module to reflect on the teaching session and your own learning. The final section must be at least half the word count (3,000 words) (100%)

Online feedback will be provided on Turnitin based on the assessment criteria. There are six basic sets of assessment criteria for the reflective essay as follows:


  1. Relevance of content.
  2. Length, structure and organization of content.
  3. Quality of analysis, critical thinking, interpretation of issues, creativity.
  4. Level of knowledge of and engagement with a range of appropriate material (which

might include primary texts, visual culture and/or scholarly materials)

  1. Level of understanding of subject specific terminology and concepts.

6. Literacy: includes attention to style, spelling, punctuation and grammar