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Econs essay on economic performance of one country over the last 10years from 2005 to 2014

Econs essay on economic performance of one country over the last 10years from 2005 to 2014

In your essay, analyse and conduct research on the economic performance of one country over the last 10 years from 2005 to 2014, applying the macroeconomic indicators of real GDP, real GDP growth rate, real GDP per capita, unemployment rate and inflation rate to agrue whether you think the performance is strong or weak

Have to discuss the performance over those 10 years and provide evidence and explanations for the economic performance such as high unemployment rate, high inflation rate and/ or steady long term economic growth. Where appropriate, you should also explain how the polices of the government aim to achieve full employment, stable price and/ or economic growth. Analysis should be in depth and evalution have to be support with researched evidence(reference list)

Assignment Format:

(Essays should be presented in the following formats)

1. Introduction (250 words approx)

Provide an economic overview of the chosen economy (country)

2. Production Output performance analysis

(500 words approx)

Real GDP, real GDP growth rate , real GDP per capita analysis
Define and explain how each indicator above measures performance of the economy
Describe and explain the performance trends of the economyÂ
Describe and explain the Governments measures adopted to achieve the production output performance
3. Labour Market Analysis

(approx 500words)

Describe unemployment trends based on unemployment rates
Define unemployment abd describe the typical types of u employment in an economy
Research and identify the types of unemployment in the chosen economy.
Research and explain the Government’s measures adopted to achieve full employment
4.Price level Analysis

(Approx 500 words)

Describe the inflation trends based on inflation rate.
Define inflation and describe the typical causes of inflation
Research and indentify the cause(s) of inflation in the chosen economy.
Reseach and explain the Government’s measures to achieve a stable price.
5. Conclusion

Summary of key highlights of the discussion

Total word count have to be 2,000(+/- 10%)

Important Notes:

(1.The assignment style is APA format, APA referencing and citation format.

2.Need include reference list at the end of essay.

3. Spacing is 1.5 with front size 12 using Arial front style)

The above details needed for this essay assignment. Personally I would like to have : South Korea/ Thailand/ Singapore/ Australia/ United States/ China / any country you are confident to write. Thankyou!

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