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Economic Principles and decision making

write a 3,000 word report to the Board of Director of Schmeckt Gut in which you address the following:
Do you think you can match the different projections? For example, do you think that a 5% increase in income is associated with a 10% tariff rate and a 2% inflation rate? Explain by linking your discussion to at least all of the following concepts. These must be discussed:
o supply, demand and aggregated demand and aggregated supply, the Philipps Curve and the Laffer curve.
– What impact would the different predictions of income development, inflation rate development and tariff rate development have on the potential demand of Schmeckt Gut? Conduct a multiple regression analysis (in log-linear form) with interpretation of the results.
Discuss and explain.
– Discuss what the Board of Directors should do under each of your scenarios, based on your matching of the predictions

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