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“economic naturalist”

Microeconomics paper assignments ( due date will differ, looking for capable scholar to help me)Paper: You will be writing a 2500 word paper (Times New Roman, font size 12) that will be a collection of three “economic naturalist” observations. An economic
naturalist can see the economics of all aspects of life. From three different chapters you must identify three ways that the theory covered explains some aspect of
life not obvious to the layperson. There are various Syllabus v 2 (3/16/17) 2 examples of these “economic naturalist” essays throughout the text which are short
versions of what I expect you to write. You may expand on these observations or come up with your own. In your observations you’ll be required to use at least one
outside cited resource for each chapter you choose (3 minimum citations for the paper – using MLA format). You will writte three mini-papers (2-3 pages each)
throughout the semester corresponding to the three chapters1 you choose to use for your analysis2 immediately after we cover each chapter. You will have a week
following the conclusion of the corresponding chapter to turn in your minipaper digitally via Moodle (due by midnight of the due date). The final paper will be a
compilation of these three papers in which you include an introduction tying the three minipapers together under an umbrella thesis, and a conclusion that ties up the
paper. The paper will be submitted digitally via Moodle as well as in hardcopy form to me in class on the due date. The three mini-papers will not be graded, but will
hurt your grade if they are not turned in. The final paper will be closely scrutinized and graded based on content.

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