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Earth and Space Exploration

Earth and Space Exploration


Why study earth? Earth Systems describe the natural functioning of the physical and biological components of the Earth and human activities that interact with these components. There are several reasons why we need to study earth. Find out why here. 1.2 Why Study Earth?

The rock cycle is the inward and outward process of how rock is created, destroyed, or altered.

Find out more here: Three Types of rocks and the Rock Cycle

Plate Tectonics is describe the movement of seven large and small land masses over millions of years. Earth is changing due to convection of the soft, hot rocks in the core of the Earth.

Learn more about plate tectonics here: There are Three Kinds of Plate Tectonic Boundaries

Earthquakes are a release of energy in the lithosphere of the earth that causes seismic waves to occur. Go to Caltech website to learn more about Earthquakes.…



What is the relationship between the rock cycle, plate tectonics and earthquakes


Using no more than two or three sentences, state the purpose of conducting the experiment. This purpose should imply an interesting observation and a query that the experiment will attempt to resolve.

How do plate tectonics contribute to the rock cycle? How do plate boundaries contribute to earthquakes?

ClaimIn one or two sentences, give an educated guess as to what you think the answer to your query will be. What do you think the results of the experiment will show?