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Earth and Space Exploration Question

Ambulance Screaming by at High Speed – Doppler Effect 1. What did you Hear as the vehicles approached “you?” 2.What did you hear as the vehicles passed “you?” 3.Did you notice any similarities or differences in sound during the approach and passing of the vehicles? If so, explain. 4. How were the two videos similar to the Indy Car and A-10 in regards to sound? How were they different? 5.Finally, think back to a time when you may have experienced this effect first hand. Describe it using complete sentences. For example: describe a time a semi truck passed your car on the highway, you heard a plane pass overhead, or you heard a motorcycle zoom by in the distance. Tell us about the setting (where you were, what you were doing, time of day, etc.) and how it compares to the videos you watched.