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Explain the four infrastructures influencing e-comrnerce strategy.
Begin by selecting an e-comrnerce out on the Internet, excluding the examples in the textbook- Then, draft a two-page
essay that explains how the e-comrnerce’s strategy has been influenced by the four infrastructures:
Layer 1: network technology substrates,
Layer 22 transport serVices and representation standards,
Layer 32 middleware serVices, and
Layer 4: applications-
If you are not sure about the strategy that the e-comrnerce actually used, then you can make logical estimations or
recommendations for how your strategy, for the selected company, would be influenced by the four infrastructures- As
part of your explanation, be sure to include how each layer is dependent upon other layer s-
There is no need to prepare a title page nor a references page; however, be sure to use Times New Roman, 12-point
font, double-spacing, and one-inch margins-

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