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E-commerce in the Global Business Environment

Task:  In this assignment you are going to conduct a case study analysis involving a detailed examination of a business (the case) you identify as well as its related contextual conditions. Because you have a word count range I have limited the focus of the study to the following tasks.   Identify a business that has a reasonably intricate eCommerce component to it. This is going to be your Case.Research and describe the key aspects of the businesses eCommerce strategy including, but not limited to, features such as the eCommerce presence strategy/approach, value propositions, revenue models, target markets, business models and eCommerce market strategies.Describe the context within which the business operates including information such as, but not limited to, the broader industry, key stakeholders and competitiveness of the industry. You should include an environmental analysis such as a Porters analysis and discuss the key factors that might impact the success of the business. To help with the following task you might also conduct a SWOT for a complete and in-depth treatment of the businesses internal and external contexts.Clearly describe any issues you identify in your research and analysis that is related to the eCommerce aspects of the business and make recommendations of how the business might address the issues to minimise, solve or remove the problems that might arise.Because you will be making observations and recommendations in the body of the assignment you do not require a conclusion section.  
Presentation:       Should be written in Report style format.
Coversheet: NO COVERSHEET REQUIRED – please ensure your name and student number are included in the footer of document

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