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Dynamic group culture

Section 1

Chapter 6 of our course text (pages 79 – 91) covers various types of social roles in groups including The Leader, The Follower, The Rebel/Alternative Leader, The Mediator, and The Scapegoat. Please share an example of an organizational employee or leader who functioned in one of these roles within a group. What were the specific functions, situations, and or responsibilities that best describe the person you selected in this role? How could s/he have changed behavior to act differently?

Section 2

Ambivalent Nature of Groups

Write a post providing instances of how the below-mentioned topics in the Ch. 5 readings operated (1) in your own team and (2) in a current teams you are on OR in the news.

How do these different instances contrast and echo each other?

What do they tell us about our system at the LED450 group-as-a-whole level?

These topics include, but are not restricted to:

Projective identification


Role differentiation

Projective identification

Group Relations Theory