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Drosophila Melanogaster (Fruit Fly) Lab Report

The lab report will be graded out of 100 points. Be sure to complete all of the sections.

Write a short lab report using the data below. The lab report is based on the Drosophila dihybrid cross in Exercise 5.

Write a few paragraphs in the following format:

1. Abstract: Summarize your paper in one paragraph.

2. Introduction –write any background information including the description of the experiment, and stocks used. State your hypothesis here.

3. Results: Let’s assume in the F2 generation, the following results were obtained:
Drosophila Dihybrid Cross-F2 Results

Wildtype- 1750
Vesitigial- 535
Ebony and Vestigial- 150

A) Write down all crosses set up to obtain this results (use the lab manual). Deal with one cross at a time: P l, Fl, F2. Set up a Chi square table with the results above.
B) Calculate Chi-square and p-value for the results. State whether you will accept or reject your hypothesis.

4. Discussion -discuss your results in context of what is known about autosomal inheritance patterns in Drosophila and you understanding of your hypothesis