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DQ Questions

I need to write an essay about the DQ question and it has to be within 500 to 600 words. You can choose any sources that I attach that can help with your writing

Discussion Question 1 (DQ1): In light of health care’s embracing of Accountable Care and “Pay for Performance” initiatives, how/can BI/Analytics be used to support these initiatives–provide examples? Consider various/disparate sources of health data/types, collection, aggregation and analytics.

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Detailed Design

Part 2 (70 pts/35%): Detailed Design. Choose one of the following options for part 2. For applications where you described a system that is more user interface based which has multiple functions and does not have a significant hardware component, choose option A. Some of you described systems that have a very limited user interface but provide interaction with hardware and you should submit documents for option B.


  1. LA company sold P1,000,000 (pound sterling) goods “product” to customer in England (giving her 180 day payment terms. No Line of Credit involved. Today’s spot rate for sterling is $1.28/poundsterling. In research forward rates, you see the 6 month forward rate $1.26/poundsterling.
    a.) what might you do to protect your profit margin?
    b.) is this forward quote indicating that forward sterling is at a premium or a discount against the US? How do you know that? Is it important?
  2. You are the executive VP for International Sales of ABC company in Chicago. You have just arrived in XXXXX, the capital of country YYYYY, to sign the agreement for your company to sell $400m in heavy equipment to their Ministry of Infrastructure. It has taken your company 4 years to reach this point, having competed successfully against strong French, German, Japanese and Chinese competition. At the “celebration” dinner the night before the contract signing, the Vice Minister pulls you aside and suggest that “in order to facilitate the smooth signing of this contract” it will be necessary to deposit $10 million in a certain Swiss bank account. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Important Notes to consider:
Exercise REVIEW 

Going into international business need to consider:
⁃ Product, legislation (tariff, tax), legal consideration (intellectual property), risks (political, foreign exchange)
⁃ Dont hesitate to get help (agents)
⁃ If buying, consider -> shipment is correct in order to the contract (the right product), through letter of credit (take out the uncertainty in intl business), risks (forex)
⁃ Borrow money -> (bank – need line of credit such as cash advances), letter of credit (bank will charge a quarter %), need to establish credit, ask from commercial/investment bank
⁃ Avoid mismatch -> borrowing short/long term for wrong use, mismatch currency
⁃ Invest money abroad -> minimize sending strong countries currency to weak countries currency
⁃ How to finance ur business abroad -> individual resource, banks, establish relations with banks abroad, minimize cash balance/tax (tax avoidance)
⁃ Why acquire firm abroad? -> Market share, easier entry to local governments, buying management/tech, might be the only way to enter the market, collaborative management/operation (joint venture), local entry, diversify
⁃ Franchise? -> Easy to expand name, but can maintain control?
⁃ Understanding accounting systems
⁃ Major risks —> 1. Forex risk (different currency for buy/sell), 2. Credit risk (selling abroad uve to make sure u get paid), 3. Regulatory risk (for home and host country ~ regulation, tariffs, duties), 4. Sovereign risk
⁃ Good understanding for Operations -> (audit, accounting, purchasing, inventory control ~ the right management)
⁃ external effects for businesses -> climate change, immigration
⁃ Hedge your risks -> (hedge by diversifying your portfolio)
⁃ Invest as little currency as possible abroad -> (borrow locally when u do business abroad)

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