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Domestic violence

In the paper react to the video by using the textbook to compare what they say about domestic violence. Note how abusers use power and control over their victims. How would knowledge of what you read and saw be a good teaching tool for a police officer, probation officer or victim’s assistance provider. If you have a story you know about domestic violence to tell in place of the video feel free to replace it.
I know that as a young police officer I would get upset with victims for not coming to court or wanting to dismiss the charges against the offender. Later in my career I had a domestic violence advocate explain the concept of control and power the abusers use. It was at that point I understood that domestic violence begins before the beatings. I also began to see that domestic violence was not a one-time thing and could not be excused away because of too much to drink (which was the justification most of the time). Finally, find your local victim services and/or domestic violence center and discuss if you found support services in place to help victims “learn to leave”.