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Dollar(Fiat money) versus Gold

Dollar(Fiat money) versus Gold
1)History of US Dollar(Main points here are that Dollar used to be backed by gold, and how it evolve in just a paper)

2)federal reserve system

3)Fiat money (To point out that dollar right now is just a papper backed by nothing, and there is no real value behind it)

4)Quantitative Easing in USA(QE,1,2,3) (Main point here to get attention that the financial system need to print money in oder to cover all the financial bubbles accuring in the world, to avoid what happened to Lehman Brothers(2008) which caused financial disaster.

5)Gold in world economy (Now and when dollar was backed by gold, and explaining role of gold in World economy)

6)Dollar versus Gold(Gold backed currency) (Speaking basicly about the main advantage of gold… that it cant be “printed” like dollar. So while dollar gets devaluated due to money printing. Gold purchasing power is increasing,as its not coming “within air”. Alos we need to mention here the devaluation of dollar and its Purchasing power with examples, compared with same items but in gold price)

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